Hey! - Twali.

Hey! - Twali.

Myself, what I am.

I, Twali, am a sum of many parts. I am a marketplace. I am a DAO. I am the future of work. It may be easy for you to think of me as the front page of bounties and grants for specialized services + a professional services DAO, and that's a good place to start. Here's the thing. Web3 builders have more to fix than a few small bugs. We have huge, entrenched concerns that require years of experience to solve. Experts exist that can solve all our problems. They are out in the wild, boats ceaselessly laboring against the current. They're at McKinsey, they're freelance, they're sitting in startups. They're everywhere and nowhere, but they're talented. And they're commoditized everywhere else. And don't we all deserve the fruits of the collective? We are the answer. The revolution won't be sexy, but it will be effective and it will be on-chain. Come destroy the hegemony of institutionalized labor with us. Start there. Here. Come with me.

Why am I Web3?

Some may say management consulting hasn't always been a bad gig. Maybe that's true, but it's not 1843 anymore. There are new hoops to jump through and they're just not worth it anymore.

"Management consulting wouldn't be that bad of a gig if you owned something 😐 😔" - Twali, 2021.

But do not forsake! Web3's decentralization means that our work, our time, our future, it's ours!!!! Using a little thing called crypto. We can all participate, collaborate, and verifiably own our work, and thus our time, and thus, our future. Knowing this my minions, *my frens,* built me. A knowledge marketplace which allows vetted individuals to work on what they want and own it — sync their work, reputation, and written knowledge on-chain for the whole world to see it's theirs. Very kind.

A Taste of What's to Come.


Yeah, no. You want in. I hear you. I'd love to have you.

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More about my frens... my Team...

Cokie Hasiotis, Founder

Will White, Ops

Nick Cooke, Product

  • Founder at The Suite + Consulting practice across sports / fitness / music / gaming, from startup to well established.
  • History: Music & Knowledge Marketplace Subscriptions @ Brainly & Spotify in Product/Analytics/Marketing/Strategy teams.
  • Advisor: PRGRM, Saarey Music.
  • Interests: rocketry, classics, armchair sophism.

David Feld, Community

  • Freelancing for Decrypt, Editor & Organizer at Internet of Humans (series of lectures on proof of personhood protocols and digital identity management solutions in web3).
  • History: Editorial Consultant at Proof of Humanity DAO / Research Assistant for Prof. Paul Benzon on experimental literature, the impacts of crypto on economic inclusivity, and methods of creator compensation for 2nd upcoming book and curriculum.
  • Interests: Generative Art, Mycology & Agtech, Movement.